Creamy Pumpkin Maple Yogurt

This is my absolute favorite treat in the fall and winter months.  For some reason, I don’t crave it until the leaves start to change colors, and then it’s on my daily menu until spring comes.  I’m going to forewarn you– I normally don’t measure whenever I’m making this for myself.  So my recommendations are approximate; decide for yourself how much of each ingredient tastes best to you.


-1/2 c. plain nonfat Greek yogurt (I prefer Chobani)
– 1/4 c. canned pumpkin (be careful not to use pie filling)
– 1-2 packets Stevia in the Raw
– 1+ tsp. cinnamon
– 1/2 tsp. pumpkin pie filling
– 1-2 tsp. vanilla flavoring (I don’t use extract because, in my opinion, the taste is too strong)
– 1 tsp. maple extract (this ingredient is the key to deliciousness!)
– 1 Tbsp. PB2 (optional)


  1. Mix all ingredients together.
  2. Let sit overnight if possible (not necessary– I just think it tastes better when the flavors have had some time to mingle together).
  3. Enjoy!!

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