Chicken Tenders Amandine

Chicken Tenders Amandine

A quick and easy alternative to breaded, deep-fried chicken tenders.

Ingredients (bear with me– I’m not good at the whole measuring thing and prefer to eye my ingredient amounts):

  • Nuts of your choice (I used almonds because that’s what I had on hand– but you can use any type that suits your fancy.  Pecans are widely-used in restaurants).
  • Eggs.
  • Grilled chicken breasts.
  • Pepper, salt, garlic powder, onion powder.

Directions (again, nothing too scientific here):

  1. Put a few handfuls of almonds in my food processor until they are finely crumbled.
  2. Cut chicken breasts (as many as you want) into chicken-tender-size strips.
  3. Beat 1-2 eggs and dip the chicken strips into the beaten eggs (you could use egg whites only if you prefer).
  4. Dip the chicken strips into the crumbled almonds.
  5. Put the almond-coated strips in a greased baking dish, coat them generously with the spices, and bake them at 375 degrees F until their internal temperature is 165 degrees F (40 minutes for me– your baking time will depend on how thick you make your strips).



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