8 Miles and Some New Running Gear

Last night, I met my bestest running friend Emily for an easy 8 on our favorite local running trail.  I love, love, love running in the fall, and yesterday’s run was no exception.  The air was crisp, the sun was shining, and the trail was dusted with the first round of fallen leaves for the year.  Absolutely perfect.


My favorite running trail.

The late-day sunshine was streaming perfectly down through the trees, and we stopped running on more than one occasion to snag a few pictures.  The area where I live is beautiful, especially this time of year.

After running four fast-paced miles with my boyfriend the night before, yesterday’s eight miles felt nice and easy.  My legs felt strong and the cool air meant I didn’t feel overheated or dehydrated (thank goodness, since I totally forgot my water bottle at home for the gazillionth time in a row!).  We took a walking break here-and-there, and I felt super refreshed afterwards.


Although our splits ranged from 8:05/mile to 11:29/mile, we averaged out at 9:52/mile over the course of 8.27 miles.  Not bad.

Only a few more training runs before our half marathon on October 6th!  Wahoo!!

When I got home, I found not one but TWO much-anticipated packages waiting for me!!!


The first was a fresh supply of Honey Stinger Chews– Pink Lemonade flavor!!  I am usually a Clif Shot Bloks kind of girl, but I gave the Honey Stingers a try a few weeks ago and really liked them.  I decided to buy a box of those to throw into my running fuel rotation.


The second was my most recent purchase from Kindrunner.com— The Stick!!!  After a knee injury sidelined me last fall and prevented me from running in my first full (MCM) marathon, I’m determined to run and train as injury-free as possible from here on out!  In anticipation of my upcoming first full marathon in May of 2014 (too early to start making running gear purchases? I think not.), I bought The Stick to massage my sure-to-be tender leg muscles after I start ramping up my mileage.  If you aren’t familiar with the benefits of self-myofascial release for runners, Active.com has a great informational article here.

Bella was totally intrigued by my self-myofascial techniques, haha

Bella was totally intrigued by my self-myofascial techniques, haha

After my 8-mile run last night, I threw on my compression socks for a few hours and used The Stick on my quads.  I’m happy to report zero soreness in my legs today!!  I really think the combination of compression and self-myofascial release is going to help me get through marathon training injury free (fingers crossed, at least)!!

Do you foam roll or use another form of self-myofascial release?

What are your favorite energy gels, chews, etc. to use on your long runs??  


6 thoughts on “8 Miles and Some New Running Gear

    • I’ll definitely keep everyone updated on my experiences with The Stick throughout marathon training!! And I’ve heard great things about the Honey Stinger Waffles too– I’ll have to give them a try!


  1. I might have to buy the stick soon! I’m running a half in February and it’s definitely not too early to buy that kind of thing 🙂 I might even ask for this for Christmas since I’m kind of poor right now!


    • I used my Kindness Cash Rewards towards mine, so I got a great deal– or else it definitely would’ve been on my Christmas list!! As runners, we must be super-easy to shop for at Christmastime!! I think that’s the best way to get all of our super-expensive gear haha =)


    • Keep us updated on your experiences!! I’ll do the same. I’ve only tried the Honey Stinger chews once and liked them, but I’ve also heard so many good things about them throughout the running community on social media that I feel like they have to be a great way to fuel! =)


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