Friday Favorites

  1. Fall Races

    Source: Google Images

    Source: Google Images

    My favorite time of the year has FINALLY arrived!!!  The part of fall that I’m most excited about??– fall races!!  And fall running in general.   Unlike some, summer is one of the worst running seasons (second only to winter) for me.  I dread running on 90-degree, super humid, mosquito-infested days.  My summer running game is always lacking because, I admit, many days I just can’t bring myself to get out the door to train.  I just force myself through the occasional 5K instead.  The chilly days of fall here in Pennsylvania are, in my opinion, the best conditions for running.  I love putting on my long sleeves and tights and heading out in the brisk air for a nice long run!  I’m getting giggly just thinking about it.  My fall race lineup– a scenic-foliage 5K, a half marathon, a 5K with buckwheat cakes afterwards (wahoo!), ANOTHER half marathon (Half Fanatics here I come!), an inaugural 10-miler, and my beloved Turkey Trot!!  I’m so looking forward to the fall running season.

  2. Dried Cranberries

    I’m always surprised how my taste buds seem to know when the seasons are changing.  Right around this time each year, I start to crave cranberries, apples, and PUMPKIN.  I scored a gigantic bag of dried whole cranberries a few weeks ago at the Dollar Tree for, that’s right, $1.  A HUGE bag.  Unfortunately, I ate all of them before I thought to snag a picture of the bag.  Oops.  So you’ll just have to use your imagination to see how tasty an extra-large bag of dried whole cranberries must look.  I’ve been mixing them with raw nuts for a satisfying mid-day snack the past few weeks.

  3. Pumpkin Beer


    Coinciding with my love for all things pumpkin this time of year is my love for pumpkin beers!!  I don’t care what brand it is, when I go out for dinner, I almost always order a pumpkin beer to accompany my meal (unless it’s breakfast-time– in which case pumpkin coffee is an acceptable substitute).  My favorite part about this seasonal beer is that 90% of the time when you order a draft, the rim of the glass gets coated with a delightfully-cinnamon-sugar blend!! Yum!  WARNING:  only one or two of these should do you! haha.

  4. Homemade Energy Bars


    This week, I found a recipe for homemade “energy” bars that I absolutely needed to try.  The recipe is simple:  1 cup dried fruit (your choice) + 1 cup nuts (your choice) + 1 cup dates all blended together in a food processor, then pressed into a square pan and chilled in the fridge.  Super easy and super healthy.  I made mine with raisins, walnuts, and dates because that’s what I had on hand, and they turned out A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  Despite the fact that I almost burnt up my food processor while making them, these turned out to be a great (and delicious) success!  I think next week I might try to make them with cranberries + almonds + dates…

What’s your favorite season to run in?

Do you love seasonal foods?? What’s your favorite??


I hope everyone has a great weekend!! =)


7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I LOVE Fall for running too – but in South Texas, Fall doesn’t happen until after Halloween!! The temps stay up for quite awhile so my first race isn’t scheduled til November – but I’ve got 3 total scheduled for the Fall!


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