Friday Favorites

  1. Leg workouts.

    If you read my blog regularly or know me at all, you know that I absolutely despise leg day (no, that’s not too harsh of a word).  I dread lunges and squats and any other exercise that has the potential to throw my quads into a fatigued, quivering frenzy.  Not my cup of tea.  HOWEVER, I love the benefits of a solid leg-training strength session.  I love how toned my quads and thighs become; I love how my butt lifts and tightens and looks better in jeans; I love how my hips (which spend 45 hours a week relaxing in an office chair) slim down.  But what I love the most is how strong and powerful I feel all over when my legs feel strong.  I can do bicep curls, chest presses, and lat pulldowns all day– but I never actually feel strong unless my legs feel strong.  Powerful legs = powerful body.  Plus, I feel that strong leg muscles make me a better runner.  So, although just the thought of a hard leg workout makes me cringe ever-so-slightly, I keep the prize in mind and push through my leg workouts when they roll around each week.  I always feel better because of it.

  2. Witch Hazel Toner


    Until recently, I’ve always had very smooth, very soft facial skin.  However, due to a combination of {past} poor lifestyle choices and the inevitable aging process, the texture of my skin has gradually gone downhill over the past few years.  I’ve tried so many things to try to shrink my pores and to even-out my skin texture to no avail– anything from Pinterest masks to exfoliating scrubs to frequent dermatologist visits.  Just last week I read an article about the skin benefits offered by Witch Hazel, so I figured I’d give it a shot.  I bought Dickinson’s brand after reading many positive reviews.  Within a week’s time of using it twice a day, my skin texture is looking soooo much better!  My pores have shrunk tremendously and my skin’s texture has evened out a lot.  I’m so excited I found something that actually works, so I wanted to share my good experience with you!  Fitness bonus:  Dickinson’s also makes individually-wrapped wipes.  You could throw them in your gym bag or race bag; I’m sure they would be a great way to freshen up after a hard workout.

  3. Spirulina


    I’ve been hearing a lot about the wonders and benefits of spirulina lately (click here for an excellent article from Dr. Mercola on the superfood).  For some reason, my energy levels have also been super-zapped as of late.  After hearing so many great things about spirulina, I decided to give it a try to see if it would help give me energy and boost my workouts.  After taking 6 tablets a day for the past week, I must say that I do seem to have more energy!  And I’ve been in a very pleasant mood as well (something I can’t always say about myself when my alarm clock goes off at 5:15 am).  I can’t say for sure that spirulina is the sole cause, but there’s a good chance that it’s been helping.  I’m going on a long run tomorrow morning and am excited to see if I have more energy for that as well.  Although the smell is kinda gross (think about a fish tank that is past-due for a cleaning), they don’t taste bad at all.  And for less than $12 (on, I definitely think they are worth a try!

  4. Balega Socks


    After Nike discontinued my favorite style of running socks (boo, Nike, booooo!), I went out in search of my new “perfect pair.”  Of course, as with any questions I have about all-things-running, I consulted with the folks at to get their opinion on a reliable brand of socks.  I love Kindrunner because anyone can get expert specialty-running-store-advice without having to actually go to a store (the nearest running store to me is about 45 minutes away, which isn’t very convenient).  Because I love thin, barely-there socks, they recommended Balega brand.  I’ve been wearing them on my runs for probably a month now and have been very happy with them!  So I’m recommending them, too.  They are super light and don’t rub my feet anywhere.  Socks that you don’t know are there– those are my kind of socks.

  5. Lady Gaga’s New Song – Applause

    I’ve never been a big Lady Gaga fan.  However, ever since I heard this song at last weekend’s VMA Awards, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head.  I found it on iTunes and made it my own, and now it’s always playing on my iPod.  It’s definitely going to be my workout-charging song of the fall!

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! =) 

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7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I’m loving applause too, makes me just want to get up and dance. I actually prefer leg days, probably because my upper body isn’t that strong. 😛 It’s really nice noticing how strength training has strengthened the lower body, isn’t it?


    • Applause makes me feel the same way (and, actually, since I work out at home– I usually do a little bit of dancing around. Or a lot, rather. haha)!! I think noticing results is the only way to stick with a strength training program!! =)


  2. Hi Cristi! Good post. I’m actually trying spirulina before a long run tomorrow morning. I know it’s fantastic for you. We’ll see how it goes. I have also been one to try different face regimen. As of late I’m using a creamy Burt’s Bees face wash, and my moisturizer is from Origins. Occasionally I tone, but not often. The toner is also Origins. I need to get back on track with my crosstraining. So not enough hours in the day! P.S. I started a Thursday hop. If you want to stop by next Thurs and linkup. Have a great weekend!!


    • Thank you! Keep us updated on your post-spirulina long run! I’ll have to check out your face wash– right now I use Neutrogena, but I feel like it has to be super harsh for your skin. I always hear such good things about Burt’s Bees! I’ll definitely check it out next Thursday! Thanks a bunch!!


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