Another New Pair of Running Shoes!

When I got home from work on Monday, I had two mail order packages waiting for me!!  One was from Victoria’s Secret, and the other was from  Being the not-so-girly girl that I am, I quickly tossed the VS package to the side and ripped open the box from Kindrunner!!  My much-anticipated first shoe purchase from had finally arrived!!


I currently run in Saucony Kinvaras, and I absolutely love them (see my earlier post about them here).  They are very lightweight with a lower-than-average heel-to-toe drop, which makes them perfect for my 5K’s and 10K’s.  I’ve even trained for and ran a few half marathons in them.  However, as I was thinking ahead to my full marathon training starting in December, I suspected that the super-lightweight Kinvaras might not be my best choice for all those long distance runs I’ll be doing.  So, I consulted with the awesome folks at to get their expert opinion on whether or not I’d need to buy a new pair of training shoes.  They confirmed that the Kinvaras may wear more quickly than other shoes after repeatedly running longer distances, and recommended the Saucony Cortanas as a comparable alternative.

The Cortana 3’s were just released at the beginning of August 2013.  Although I wasn’t planning on buying the Cortanas until December (or maybe even asking Santa Claus if he would foot the $150 bill for them), I decided to go ahead and purchase the Cortana 2’s now at a discounted price while they were still in stock.

Hence: my first shoe order from!


What a beautiful sight.  😉

Once I opened the shoe box, I found out that I had received an added bonus:


NEW SOCKS!!  For FREE!!  Since I’ve been in the market for new running socks lately and have been wanting to experiment with different brands (Nike discontinued my favorite style, booooo), this was a perfect surprise.    They are very lightweight and thin, which leads me to believe they were hand-selected to go along with the lightweight shoes I had purchased.  Great job, Kindrunner.  I’m pumped to wear them on my long run this weekend.

When I opened the shoe box, here’s what I saw:


I resisted the urge to squeal like a child when I saw them.  I love love love running shoes (in case you haven’t noticed)!


I tried them on and walked around in them a bit.  Looks like Lucy loves them as much as I do!  She couldn’t wait to check them out, either.


I haven’t had the chance to try out my new shoes yet, but I plan on wearing them on my long run this weekend then retiring them until December when I start training for the 2014 full marathon in Pittsburgh.

I was excited to buy from not only because of the great deal and great service that I received from them, but also because I wanted to take advantage of their Kindness Cash Rewards program (if you’re not familiar with it, you can read about it here).

I packed up two pairs of my old shoes to return to Kindrunner so that they could be donated to one of their charity partners.  I’m donating my first “real” pair of running shoes that I bought in college (I never worked out/ran before then, and buying these shoes represented a turning point in my life) and the Brooks that I finished my first ever half marathon in.  For these reasons, I have a bit of a personal attachment to both pairs; I’ve been holding on to them for years.  However, I’m really looking forward to donating them so that they can go to others who will need, wear, and appreciate them.


So long, my loves! =)  I’m thrilled that they will be put to good use elsewhere.

Now comes the hard part– putting my newbies up on a shelf and attempting to refrain from touching them until training begins for the full in December!  I KNOW that I have the willpower to successfully run 26.2 miles next year.  I DO NOT KNOW if I have the willpower to leave these shoes alone for a few months!! =)

Now I suppose I should go open that Victoria’s Secret package…

Happy running everyone!


12 thoughts on “Another New Pair of Running Shoes!

  1. I just bought the Sacony virratas but I am taking them back today. I just haven’t fallen in love with them after a couple of runs. I had the Kinvaras back in the day and loved them. Maybe I should try out the Cortanas for my longer runs? i have a pair of Brooks PureDrift that I love, but I worry about how minimal they are for my training.


    • I’ve never tried zero-drop shoes like the Virratas, but I can imagine they’re one of those love-’em or hate-’em type of things. I wish I’d have some miles in my Cortanas to give you a better opinion! All I can tell you is they may be more similar to the Kinvaras (which we both love) just because they have the same heel-to-drop. They are a bit (1.7 ounces, to be exact) heavier than the Kinvaras, though– that’s one major difference I’ve noticed without having worn them on a run. I think that’s something you’ll probably find with any shoe built for longer distances, though. I would definitely either check with your local running store to see what they recommend, or chat up the guys at (they have instant chat and seem to be very willing to answer questions). Good luck in your shopping!!


    • Haha–runner problems for sure!! It would be almost cruel to make them sit in that sad, dark, little box for so long, though! Sounds like a perfect justification to me… I couldn’t recommend Kindrunner more–they’ve been super helpful in helping me pick out the right shoes and socks for my running style. And of course the fact that they support charitable causes is just icing on the cake. =)


  2. Interesting, I’ve never heard of kindrunner! I will have to find out more.

    I’m surprised they described the Kinvaras as not good for long distances — I love them for the 10-20 range. Haven’t ever run a full in them, but there’s nothing about them that makes me think they wouldn’t work fine.


    • Kindrunner just launched their site not long ago, so maybe that’s why you haven’t come across them yet. Definitely check them out, though! I’ve been really pleased with my interactions with them thus far! And they support a great cause… Here’s exactly what they told me about the Kinvaras: …”the Kinvara is a great shoe, however, it doesn’t hold up over a ton of miles. It will need to be replaced pretty quickly if 100% of your miles are run in it. If you are looking for something similar to the Kinvara, but with a little more durability, support, and cushioning, check out the Cortana 2. It is similar to the Kinvara because it is lightweight and 4mm drop from heel to forefoot, but has more cushioning, more durable rubber, and a small memory foam shank underneath the arch to provide a bit of support for those late miles of your long run that you may need it.” I think they just meant that repeatedly running long distances in them would wear them out more quickly than others; I’ll have to clarify that in my post! I’ve also had great luck running 13.1 in the Kinvaras! I’ll probably rotate between the Kinvaras and the Cortanas in my training. =)


  3. Nice kicks! Let us know how they feel when you get into the higher mileage this winter. I wearing Nike LunarGlides for my NYCM training, and they are good, but a little too fluffy feeling. Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks!! I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated! I took them out for a 6.5 mile run over the weekend, and they felt great. I actually forgot I was wearing new shoes. Hopefully that continues through marathon training. The Cortanas seem to give support & cushioning without that “fluffy” feeling you’re talking about (I have two pairs of Asics that I’ve hardly worn because of that same feeling– too “cushy”)– so they may be worth checking out! =)


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