I Have Exciting News to Share…

I haven’t been writing much on the blog in the past week or so.  I also haven’t been working out like I should, which I’m NOT happy about.  But, I was a busy girl for a very good reason– I was doing some last minute studying (cramming, rather) for my exam to become a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

Although my deadline to take the exam wasn’t until early August, it occurred to me too-suddenly that my vacation plans and the fact that I am working during the majority of the testing hours would prevent me from taking the exam in August.  I realized last Monday that the ONLY time I could possibly take the exam was at 9:00 the following Saturday!!  Even though I didn’t feel prepared, I had no choice but to sign up for Saturday’s exam.

Needless to say, I spent every minute of last week reviewing my textbook and making sure I had a clear understanding of the content.

And, guess what…


I passed!! I was beyond thrilled when I saw my results!!

Although I don’t have any career-specific goals (yet) with my certification, I am so thrilled to become part of a community of respected resources for health, fitness, and wellness.  I’m really looking forward to putting my certification to use and helping others in achieving a healthier lifestyle!!

Wahoo! =)


12 thoughts on “I Have Exciting News to Share…

  1. That’s awesome!! I just did my certification to teach group fitness, and am currently working on the personal training one – no easy feats! Good job girl! Now go change lives for the better! 🙂


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