Fit Friday Motivation… and a Weekly Recap


I saw this meme and fell in love with it!  Maybe I’m crazy, but I love the feeling of (slightly) sore muscles– it lets me know that I accomplished something with my workout and that I’m changing my body for the better.  When I take a few days off from working out, I actually feel worse because my body doesn’t feel like it has been challenged at all (most likely because it hasn’t! duh).  When you just don’t feel like working out one day, think of what you’ll feel like the day after– would you rather be sore or sorry?  =)

It’s Friday, and I’m happy to say I’ve had an active week this week!!

Monday:  I ran 5K (just the distance, not a race) with my boyfriend and my brother later at night after the heat and humidity started backing off.  Of course I forgot to press “start” on my GPS app, so I have no stats- but I think we did pretty well!!  We have a 5K next week and wanted to get some training in for that.  I’m super-proud of my boyfriend for doing such a great job– he dropped from 360 pounds to 235 pounds a few years ago and seriously kicks my butt (and most people’s) in any kind of athletic event.  His last 5K time was 24:47 (3rd in his age group- wahoo!), and he’s shooting for 22:45 in his next one.  So proud of him!

Tuesday:  I took a rest day on Tuesday, but I spent 4 hours in the evening getting my CPR/AED certification– just one step closer to getting my NASM CPT certification!!  I have to take the test before August, so {hopefully} in another month I’ll be an officially-certified personal trainer.

Wednesday:  Wednesday was trail-run day with my bestest running friend Emily!! We did six easy miles on our favorite local running trail.  Since we aren’t training for a specific long-distance event right now, we took it easy and enjoyed the scenery and conversation.  It was H-U-M-I-D outside, and that really slowed us down despite the fact that the temperature was in the mid-70’s.  Ah the joys of summertime running.

Thursday:  Thursday evening was my weekly hour-long spin class!!  In case you don’t follow my posts, I just started spinning again a few weeks ago.  Those first few sessions are always rough (for me, at least) because it takes a while for my leg muscles to adapt.  It’s almost more of an anaerobic workout than an aerobic workout.  Last night, I felt like I finally crossed the threshold from anaerobic into aerobic– I was huffing and puffing for sure, and my HR was through the roof!  I was content with my workout when I left they gym.  I was also able to talk my little brother into going to spin class with me– it was his first time spinning, and I think he enjoyed it!

TONIGHT:  Tonight I’ll be running in a local 5-mile race!  My bestest running friend Emily is also running.  I have done this race the past two years and really enjoyed it, although the weather has been less-than-perfect (i.e. hot and ridiculously humid) each time.  Tonight’s weather looks to be about the same as the past two years, but I’m sure it’ll still be enjoyable.  I’ll be sure to recap sometime next week!

I hope everyone has a fun, fit weekend!!  


4 thoughts on “Fit Friday Motivation… and a Weekly Recap

    • I thought it was crazy weird before I started running. I really did. I never thought I’d come to enjoy feeling sore, and even looking forward to it. Guess that goes to show how much a body can change, huh?

      Really glad I found this blog at the Running Bloggers linkup. I’ll definitely be back. 😀


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