Fit Friday Motivation… and a Weekly Recap

Are you on Tumblr??  I’m a big fan of social networking, but that’s one site that I haven’t broadened my horizons to yet.  I am, however, on Pinterest (maybe more often than I should be).  I keep seeing a lot of random pins from this site, so I decided to type in the address and check it out myself.  I sure am glad that I did!  As of today (6/21), the site has 958 super-inspiring memes sure to get your a** motivated to step away from the computer and get moving.  If you are ever in need of some extra motivation, seriously– check out this site.  If you don’t hear from me in a few days, it’s because I’m too busy checking out these memes and/or giving in to my uncontrollable desire to work out and get fit! 😉  Here are just a few of my favs that I found this morning:


Ah.  I don’t know about you, but I could sure go for a good sweat session right about now!

This week seemed to fly by for some reason!!  It’s summer– doesn’t time know it should be going  s l o w e r???  Anyways, I didn’t make it to the grocery store last weekend (panic), so I had to throw my Monday lunch together with a few things that I had on hand.


Herb & garlic tuna, some cucumbers, and brown rice topped with salt, pepper, & parmesan.  Not too shabby for just throwing something together!  Although they’re made with oil (I’m not a huge fan of that), I really like the Starkist Tuna Creations pouches.  They’re super-delicious and easy to take along if you need lunch-on-the-go (or even not-on-the-go).  You can use them in recipes, but I always eat them plain or on a wrap with veggies.  Yum.

My boyfriend and I attend the same gym chain, so we met up Monday night for a lovey-dovey sweat session together.  I worked on my shoulders, triceps and abs then spent some time on the elliptical (LOVE running, HATE the treadmill).  My bf ran a 5K on the treadmill then did an all-over body workout in the weights area.  He’s a cardio first, weights second kind of guy; I’m the opposite.  So we didn’t get to spend much “quality” time together there, but it was still nice to hit the weights together instead of hitting-the-restaurants or hitting-the-movies-and-snacking-on-popcorn together.  We decided we are going to try to hold “date night” at the gym at least two nights a week.  I love how he thinks similarly to me in terms of health and fitness.  =)

Wednesday night = running night with my bestest running friend Emily!!  Since neither of us are training for a specific event right now, we decided to do a nice-and-easy 6 mile run on our local trail.  The weather was in the mid-70’s and beautiful; perfect for a mid-week, after-work run.


Emily and I decided to grab dinner and work on “reducing the inflammatory response” (that’s what we prefer to call it) after our fun run.  There’s something magical about the taste of a nice cold beverage after a run on a warm summer night.  Hits the spot every time!


These are sooo good.

Last night, I went to spinning class.  On a beautiful, warm evening, I typically don’t like to spend my evenings indoors.  But one night a week (more than likely on Thursdays), I’ve decided that I need to get my butt to spin class rain-or-shine.  It’s a great cardio workout, and it’s perfect cross-training for the mounds of 5K’s that I have coming up.  I went to the local YMCA for their spin class.  There were only two students there including myself– it’s such a shame that more people in my area don’t take interest in spinning (or health and fitness, for that matter).  My calorie burn doesn’t tell you much about the hour-long turmoil that I faced, but my still-aching legs sure do– we did an hour of pretty much nothing-but-hills!  Since leg day at the gym is my least favorite, I was glad to get a killer leg workout disguised as a cardio-spin-session.


I also spent a good deal of time this week studying for my NASM CPT exam.  I have to schedule my exam by 8/7, so I’m down to the wire!!  I just have a few more lessons to finish up, then I’ll be ready to sit for the exam.  I’m pumped!

Oh yeah, I spent 45 hours behind my desk this week too.  I usually don’t write about that, though.  😉

I didn’t get in as much weight training as I’d have liked this week, but every now and then I think it’s good to throw your body a curveball and keep it guessing.  I’ll be hitting the weights hard again come Monday!

I hope everyone has a fun, fit weekend!! =)


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