Fit Friday Motivation


I LOVE this quote.  When it comes to health and fitness, I think a lot of people who fail to succeed do so because they forget that exercise, training, or whatever-it-may-be is not supposed to be easy.  If we struggle because we find something difficult, we give up.  But when it comes down to it, you can’t make any progress if you don’t step out of your comfort zone.  And making progress is what fitness is all about.

Working towards any goal, fitness-related or not, is going to be difficult.  If it wasn’t difficult to achieve, it wouldn’t be worth working towards.  Focusing on end-goals and persevering through whatever difficulties you may face along the way is the only way you will ever be able to reach those goals.  If you give up, you are guaranteed not to accomplish anything you set out to do– that’s a common sense fact.  You have to realize that pain and difficulty are temporary and push through them.  When you do eventually reach those goals, the pain and struggling will all seem worth it.  You just have to get there first!

I’ll admit that I’ve called on this famous quote many times when racing in the past.  When I feel like a race is too difficult or my mentality starts breaking down, I remind myself that the pain and struggling won’t last forever.  It will be over in a short enough time.  And I can push through the suffering.

Just last evening, I was running a very hilly 5K.  I haven’t been training on hills, so my legs were starting to get really tired by the time I was halfway done.  My thoughts gradually turned negative, I slowed down, and I considered walking.  That’s when I called on the words above.  I realized that the race wasn’t an indefinite distance– I wouldn’t be running forever.  I would be running less than two more miles.  I would cross the finish line eventually.  I knew that I didn’t want to cross the finish line, look back on the race, and regret giving up because I knew I could have done better.  So, although my legs and my lungs were struggling to keep up with my crazy thoughts, I picked up my speed again and pushed myself to the finish line.  And guess what– I ended up with a PR!  I PR’d by more than a minute on my 5K time, which is a lot!  I had absolutely no regrets and am glad I didn’t give up on myself when I wanted to.  Always remember that our bodies are more amazing than we give them credit for.  And never forget how powerful a positive mindset can be!


I hope everyone has a fit, persevering kind of weekend!!!     

DISCLAIMER:  If the pain and suffering you’re experiencing is due to an injury– DO NOT  attempt to push through that!  That’s not the kind of pain and suffering I’m talking about here!  Love your body.  =) 


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