Happy National Running Day!

Happy National Running Day!!!! I’m pretty sure the only people that have ever heard of National Running Day are runners ourselves. But to members of the running community, our sport is definitely worth celebrating!! According to the official website for National Running Day, today is “a day when runners everywhere declare their passion for running.”  Plain, simple, and open to interpretation.  While this simplistic explanation might mean nothing to anyone who isn’t a runner, it has a very special and unique meaning to each of us who do consider ourselves runners.


In my opinion, a runner is anyone who makes running a part of their lifestyle. Whether you are tall, short, heavy, thin, fast, or slow– if you choose to make running a regular part of your life, you are a runner. And each runner runs for a reason. It may be to beat a personal record, to improve fitness levels, to prevent disease, to improve mood, to lose weight, or just for the pure enjoyment of running.

To a true runner, his or her own reason for running is something personal and sacred. We run because we truly love running. We are a unique group of people with many shared passions, interests, and consequent personality traits, and the community that we form is a close-knit one. Running, for many, is an identity that defines us. Today is a day to celebrate all that running means in our lives.


So, what does running mean to you? How has running affected your life? Share and celebrate that today!!

Unfortunately, I won’t be logging any miles on my running shoes today. My chronic back pain has been left unattended a bit too long, so I’m visiting my chiropractor after work this evening to get myself straightened out so that I can run comfortably again soon (hopefully before this weekend’s 10K! Yikes!).  Indirectly, I’ll be celebrating National Running Day by getting my body back into running-order!





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