is Up and Running! (No Pun Intended)


I am SO excited to announce that I am an ambassador for Kindrunner, a new online running store that is so much more than just a running store!!

I first started hearing about Kindrunner a few weeks ago on some of the blogs that I follow.  Once I checked out their site, I knew that I wanted to do whatever I could to help spread their cause. carries a wide line of running shoes from some of the industry’s most respected brands along with all the corresponding gear that you could ever possibly need.  Kindrunner differentiates itself from other online running stores, however, by their mission to impact our environment for the better through the collective efforts of the running community.

Did you know that a running shoe generates roughly 30 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions throughout its lifespan?  That’s essentially the equivalent of a 100-watt light bulb burning for an entire week– per shoe!!  Did you know that each running shoe tossed in the trash and taken to the landfill will be there for 90-100 years before it finally decomposes?  Think about the number of runners that may exist in this world, and think about the impact that each one of their shoes will have on the environment by decomposing this way.  Kindrunner was created to try to mitigate as much as possible the effect that old running shoes have on our environment.  To accomplish their mission, they created the Kindness Cash Rewards program.  When you purchase a pair of new shoes from, you can return your old, worn-out shoes in exchange for a $10 credit which can be used on ANYTHING on their site (“Kindness Cash Rewards”). Kindrunner will then donate your used shoes to one of their charitable partners, who will in turn donate them to developing countries in need. This will keep your old shoes out of the landfills, helping out our environment and helping those less fortunate at the same time.

Which sounds like a wonderful cause to me. is officially LIVE today, 6/3/13– please take the time to check out their site and PLEASE keep them in mind when it come time to trade in those old running shoes!!

Here are some of the features of Kindrunner which NO ONE else offers and makes for a unique shopping experience:

  • Confident Runner Pricing – An option presented upon checkout which rewards those who know exactly what they are looking for. This option waives the free return shipping but offers the shoe at a below-retail price.  Shipping of the product to you as a customer is still free, as is the return shipping of donated shoes for Kindness Cash Rewards Program.
  • Free 3 Way Shipping – Free shipping of your order to you, free shipping of any returns for any reason, and free shipping of your donated shoes back to Kindrunner for re-purposing with Soles 4 Souls or The More Foundation Group.
  • Kindness Cash Rewards Program – This is what turns your old shoes into credit towards new ones or any other product on the Kindrunner website.  Kindness Cash Rewards are available to customers after any footwear purchase.  Upon receipt of their footwear order, customers will have the option to place their old shoes into the KindRunner shipping box and place the pre-paid return label on the box for shipment back to Kindrunner.  Upon receipt of the old shoes, Kindness Cash Rewards will be credited onto the customer’s account for future use.  Each return label (whether it contain one pair or four pairs of shoes) is worth $10 KCR per new pair of shoes purchased (five pairs of shoes purchased on that order, up to $50 KCR earned). The KCR can be used to purchase ANYTHING that Kindrunner sells and will never expire.
  • Expert Product Reviews – Some of you may have seen some of these on Kindrunner’s YouTube page.  Each and every product they carry will come with an expert product review video on the same page that the product is listed.  These videos are made by individuals who have worked in the running industry for a number of years either as shoe reps, store owners, or expert shoe fitters at one of the oldest running stores in the nation. Kindrunner brings the knowledge of your neighborhood specialty run shop to the comforts of your own home!
  • Easy 365 returns – A customer has 365 days to return any product, so long as it is in its original packaging and in its original condition.  If you are injured and unable to use the shoe, or if your doctor wants you in a different model because of orthotics, no worries… no questions asked!

Kindrunner is also offering a nice reward to their earliest customers:  “Free Socks for Life” to their first 500 customers!  Each time one of their first 500 customers returns and purchases a new shoe, their order will ship with a free pair of socks of their choice from Kindrunner’s sock inventory.  As long as these first 500 customers continue to run, they will continue to get free socks from!

If you haven’t done so already, please head over and check out their site!!  I am thrilled for the opportunity to be a Kindrunner Ambassador and very much look forward to helping them in their mission to reduce negative environmental impact, one running shoe at a time! 


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