Fit Friday Motivation

I think everyone loses motivation sometimes, whether it’s at work, at home, or at the gym.  If you ever find yourself losing your fitness motivation, seriously– bookmark this video and watch it whenever you need it.  I saw this online the other day.  It moved me so much that I knew it had to be part of my Fit Friday Motivation post.

My own personal Fit Friday Motivation is coming from the fact that I’m running in my THIRD half marathon of the year tomorrow morning with my bestest running friend Emily!!!  I am so pumped!!  I’m having Emily and her husband over for a pasta and steak dinner tonight to carbo load.  There may or may not be a glass of wine involved.  I’m excited!

My 13.1 clothes are already laid out and ready to go.  I went to Wal-Mart last night and bought TWO more of those $5.96 tanks that I wrote about yesterday!  I am wearing the purple striped one tomorrow.  The temperature is supposed to be anywhere from 74 to 80 degrees while we’re running, so this race will be a true test to see how well these tanks hold up in the conditions!



What are your fit plans for the weekend?? 


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