New Month ~ New Fitness Goals

It’s safe to say it’s in our human nature to fall off the health & fitness bandwagon every now and again– life gets busy, we get bored of our routines, we forget why we started doing what we’ve been doing in the first place, etc. etc.  It happens.  I try my best to counteract those tendencies by re-examining my habits and setting reachable goals for myself with each new month that rolls around.

You should, too!  And write those goals down to keep yourself accountable, just like I’m doing here.  =)

As 5/1 approaches, here are things that I’d like to accomplish for myself in the coming month:

  1. Follow an exercise schedule.  You might think that I, as a health and fitness blogger, should already have this down pat.  I’ll be honest with you– I love to exercise.  I exercise as often as possible, but I’m the queen of inconsistency.  I don’t plan my workouts in advance– if I feel like running, I run.  Since I finished the 12-week program I was following, I now do resistance training when I feel like doing resistance training.  I am running a half marathon this coming Sunday, but I haven’t trained according to a schedule.  My fitness schedule is solid but it’s all-over-the-place.  And everyone knows that consistency is key.  “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  I feel and perform my personal best when I am strict with my fitness habits.  SO for the month of May, I plan to come up with a schedule and stick with it.
  2. Weight train 5 days a week.  Running is my life’s passion.  If I could, I would run each and every day of the week.  But if I’ve learned anything from my body over the past few years, it’s that I run the best when I feel lean and strong.  I only feel lean and strong when I’m strength training regularly.  Plus I love the way resistance training sculpts my body.  So my plan is to wake up at 4:30 each morning and strength train at home from 5 a.m. to 6 a.m.  Not only will I be rocking my runs this summer, but I’ll also be rocking a bikini whenever I go to the beach with my boyfriend later in the summer.
  3. Drink less coffee.  Being parked at my desk in front of a computer for 9 hours a day poops me out.  The fact that I drink coffee all morning plus a cup mid-afternoon only makes things worse.  I feel exhausted most days when I leave work, which sets the tone for an unproductive evening at home.  I don’t want my quality of life to suffer anymore just because I drink caffeine in excess.  So I’m weaning myself off the coffee.
  4. Run three days a week at a minimum.  Since I can’t really run in the mornings before work, I feel like running two evenings a week and once each weekend is an attainable goal that will  still help me improve as a runner.  I want to do intervals or fartlek (love that word, hehe) one night a week, do a longer run with my bestest running friend Emily another night, then do either a race or a long run on the weekend.  I want to see my 5K times improving over the next few months!
  5. Buy a bike; ride it often.  Cross training is important, we have so many beautiful trails here in my region of Pennsylvania, and most of my friends and family members have a bike and ride them often– it only makes sense that I should get a bike, too.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been on anything but a stationary bike, but I’m looking forward to riding again (do they make training wheels for adults?? haha).  I’m planning to buy one this coming Thursday, so there will be a post with an update coming your way soon!
  6. Practice yoga regularly.  I know that my muscles need to be stretched after sitting in the same position all day long, five days a week, but I rarely take the time to stretch them out.  I also rarely take the time to hit the pause button, relax, and enjoy the present moment.  Sometimes I feel like I’m running through life 90 miles per hour all the time.  I know that stretching and relaxation are two very important aspects of health and well being, and I’ve been overlooking them for far too long.  Starting this month, I’m going to try out a membership at and try to practice yoga at least once a week– probably on the weekend.  Hopefully after I finally get it integrated into my schedule I’ll be able to do it more often.
  7. Create a more efficient food budget.  Eating healthily can be expensive.  However, (in case you didn’t read my post last week) eating clean doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank.  This month I’m going to continue watching my spending by buying in bulk and using up ingredients that I already have in my cupboard.

There you have it!!  Those are my upcoming goals and I’m sticking to them!!  That should also give me lots of good content to report back to you here in the blog.  =)

What are your health and fitness goals & resolutions??


4 thoughts on “New Month ~ New Fitness Goals

  1. That sounds like a great set of goals! I too am trying to cut down my coffee intake (the energy crash is just not worth it!) and to keep running now that the weather is amazing (I’ve got my first ever 10k coming up mid-May) 🙂 Would love to start doing some resistance training too! Good luck with the half marathon!


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