Thursday Night Long Runs and Fitness Apps

My bestest running friend Emily and I started a little tradition two years ago when we were training for her first half marathon together.  When the weather is nice, we like to get together Thursdays after work and do a “long” run.  We usually meet at our local trail– a flat 5-miler that runs through the woods alongside a creek.  I like to call this trail our little hidden gem– it’s one of the most beautiful trails around but it’s under-utilized by the locals and not very well-known by people passing through.

Our Beautiful Hidden Gem Through the Woods

Our Beautiful Hidden Gem Through the Woods

Sometimes we switch it up and run through a quaint, little, local town instead just to get some hills into our training.  But we usually run anywhere from 5-10 miles on the trail.

Last night we just met for a fun run.  Neither of us have been running as much as we probably should be, and we have a 10K race tomorrow morning.  Oops.  So we did six easy miles to get our legs loosened up for tomorrow.

Our Splits

Our Splits

We took our time and walked a lot (obviously– look at the crazy differences in our splits!), but at least we had our legs moving.  I’m always afraid my legs won’t remember how to run come race day if I haven’t ran at all the week before!!  Serious runner disoriented thinking right there haha.

I pay a lot of attention to my food & drink (caffeine, rather) habits before a run and am always trying to come up with the perfect food + drink formula for the perfect run.  Before our Thursday runs, I typically eat some kind of carb and fat mid-afternoon along with the all-important cup of coffee (I know I should probably put some protein in there, too.  Maybe that will be an experiment for another week).  I know everyone’s different, but I neeeeed my coffee before any type of exercise if I want to feel my best.

Yesterday, however, I didn’t have any coffee available at work.  My caffeine tank was empty for our run.  We also ran an hour later than we usually do, so I was starting to get hungry before we even started running.  My legs and body felt so heavy the entire time.  I still got that I-remember-why-I-love-running-so-much happy feeling around mile 4 (as always), though, so I definitely wouldn’t classify it as a bad run.  I just won’t be skimping on the caffeine or the pre-run food from now on!!

On a related topic (slight stretch of the definition of “related”), which fitness tracking app do you guys use and why do you like it??  I have quite a few on my iPhone and go back and forth between them inconsistently with no logic to my selection at all.  The screenshot above is from Endomondo– it’s the most recent one I’ve downloaded.  So far I like it!  I’m planning to pick one and stick with it consistently so that I can actually/easily compare my workouts.  I’m just wondering if there’s one out there in app-land that I’m not aware of and should be!! =)

All of my fitness tracking apps... minus RockMyRun (which I highly recommend if you're a workout music fan!)

All of my fitness tracking apps… minus RockMyRun (which I highly recommend if you’re a workout music fan!)


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