What I’m Eating This Week (3.25.13)

I’m still keeping up with the Paleo lifestyle, and I sure do feel great because of it.  I really think this is going to be a permanent lifestyle change for me– I don’t miss my dairy or grains at all.  I thought for sure I would– especially my grains and peanut butter (I’ve eaten peanut butter toast for breakfast almost every day since middle school).  But I’ve found that my sweet potatoes and almond butter more than make up for my missing bread and peanut butter.  If you still haven’t jumped on the Paleo bandwagon– even if just to try it– I definitely recommend that you should!

My meals don’t change all that much from week-to-week.  I’ve been trying to test out new recipes each week (just one or two) to add some variety.  This week’s wonderfully-delicious tested recipes come from paleology101.com and TGIpaleo.com.  The Buffalo Chicken Burgers from paleology101.com are definitely something to rave about in my opinion– it’s amazing how a few simple ingredients when mixed together can produce such a great tasting meal!  I didn’t have any coconut flour so I omitted it.  I wasn’t able to form patties because of that, but trust me– these were definitely not lacking on taste.  I’ll be making them again.

Buffalo Chicken Should-Be-Burger

As much as I love my sweet potato fries, I’ve been taking a few weeks off from them just to avoid burning myself out on them.  In my search for the perfect sweet-potato-ey substitute, I stumbled across these Smashed Potatoes from TGIpaleo.com.  OMG.  They are heavenly.  These are going to be a staple in my Paleo diet from here on out.

Smashed Potatoes from TGIpaleo.com

Smashed Potatoes from TGIpaleo.com

The fact that I paired these two recipes together at lunchtime makes my tilapia and green bean dinner seem pretty bland.  I might have to try to split my amazing recipe finds up from here on out, haha.

Here’s what I’m eating this week along with the usual very-rough-estimate nutrition information:

  Calories Fat  Protein Carbs
Yam Protein Muffins (2) 140 0 14 20
4 egg whites 64 0 16 0
Medium banana 105 0 1 27
20 almonds 140 11 7 4
Cucumbers 45 0 2 11
Buffalo Chicken Burger (paleology101.com) 4 oz 191 12 30 1
Cucumbers 45 0 2 11
Smashed potatoes (TGIpaleo.com) 163 7 3 24
Yam Protein Muffins (2) 140 0 14 20
2T. almond butter 190 16 6 8
Tilapia (4 oz.) with Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime Seasoning 147 3 30 0
Steamed Green Beans 30 0 1 5
4 egg whites 64 0 16 0
1T. almond butter 95 8 3 4
TOTALS 1559 57 145 135
17% 43% 40%

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