What I’m Eating This Week (3.11.13)

This week I’m still trying to stick with a 40/40/20 macro, Paleo-style meal plan.  My meal plans don’t change much from week to week– just enough to keep things interesting.  There are a few foods that I can’t imagine going a week without (hello sweet potato fries!).  On my last meal plan post I mentioned that I want to try a new recipe each week– well, this week I tried TWO new recipes.  And they BOTH turned out to be delicious.  So delicious that I can hardly wait to go home to dinner tonight.  =)

I posted the first recipe yesterday for Chicken Tenders Amandine.  If you missed it, you can check it out here.  I found the second recipe on howichow.com–Paleo Tuna Patties.  I love cold tuna but have never had a tuna patty before.  My curiosity was further piqued by the simplicity of the recipe, so I thought I’d give it a try.  I’m glad I did– these are delicious!!  I didn’t have almond flour on hand (after making all my yummy-almond-covered-chicken tenders), so I left it out and they turned out just fine.  I definitely recommend this recipe.

Meal Plan

So, here’s what my meal plan looks like this week (along with approximate nutrition info):

Calories Fat  Protein Carbs
Yam Protein Muffins (2) 140 0 14 20
4 egg whites 64 0 16 0
Medium banana 105 0 1 27
20 almonds 140 11 7 4
green peppers 33 0 2 5
Chicken Tenders Amandine 240 10 31 4
Cucumbers 45 0 2 11
Sweet potato fries 98 1 2 21
Yam Protein Muffins (2) 140 0 14 20
1T. almond butter 95 8 3 4
Paleo Tuna Patties (howichow.com) 240 7 28 5
Steamed Green Beans 30 0 1 5
4 egg whites 64 0 16 0
1T. almond butter 95 8 3 4
TOTALS 1529 45 140 130
14% 44% 41%

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